Friday, February 27, 2015

Write? Right Write

We as a community of writers, must write, right? Right, write. Ok I have now over used that, but it made me smile. However, it is an important tenet of our gift. Writing is a gift, and even though you might think, “What is so special about my gift?” Putting intelligent thought down on “paper” is harder than it seems. 

I did not know how much I loved to write, until I was going for my Master’s degree in Psychology. I was doing it online, and the writing was intensive. Now I did a lot of writing when I was an undergrad, but nothing like when I was in Grad School. But it showed me something that I had not realized before. I love writing. 

Putting your ideas down on paper in an organized fashion is only the start. Making those ideas mean something to another person - now that is gold: That is where practice and reading other’s blogs and writing is important.

I make it a point to read other’s blogs, not only to build my valuable network, like I talked about in my last blog, but also to get insight on how to write better. I am always looking for the best and brightest blogger to not only read, but to emulate.

***Side note***
Ok this has nothing to do with this blog, but it does have to do with making sure the words that might be “Auto Corrected” by the computer are correct for what you want to convey. For instance I wanted to type emulate, and the computer changed it to immolate which means to kill or sacrifice. Lesson: make sure you have the right word, or people will get the wrong idea. Could you imagine how the phrase above would read if I didn’t change the wording?”

*Back to the ranch*

Looking at Bob Lucchesi writes use the “Seinfeld method” and don’t break the chain, this is a great article, because it is important not to stop writing, and that is what the Seinfeld method is all about.

So create a time that you can write, write well, write often and be a writer: Just Write!

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