Saturday, February 21, 2015

Survey Rant

I am writing today from a very unhappy place. 

In my “Brick and Mortar,” I get surveyed on my calls. Now anyone that works in a call center understands that surveys can either make or break you; where I work, surveys dictate your pay. However, sometimes customers cannot be made happy.

When I check my surveys, it almost feels like Russian Roulette, I hit the enter button and it seems like I am pulling the trigger.  This morning: Shot in the head. 

Explaining to a customer what options are available to them: It becomes increasingly difficult when the customer does not accept those options. Then they get a survey, and instead of using the survey to evaluate the customer service representative, they evaluate the company. Let me tell you - That is not what the survey is for! 

So for anyone that might know, and for future reference: After call surveys are there for the customer to say how good the advisor was, not how much someone dislikes the policies of the company. You don’t like the company; SWITCH! Just whatever you do, don’t punish the employee.

Now, I understand, if the call experience is awful, then voice your opinion. If the representative is rude or is not listening, tell them about it. If they do not change then you mark them down; if the representative explained what the policies are, and you just don’t like it: Put on your adult underwear, suck it up buttercup and move along!

There are many things in this world that are ugly. There are diseases that are killing people; hunger and lack of clean drinking water plague humanity. There are natural disasters and people being murdered. Life is hard, but a phone is a freaking phone - get over yourself!

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