Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl XLIX, and allegory for life

February 2, 2015,

What a game! I must first say that. There were a lot of people overjoyed and a lot of people disappointed, but let me say it again: What a game!

Now I am a "fan" of the Seahawks, which is to say I was only watching the game, because my family was there. I am not totally ignorant to the game, I know when the yell and when to bite the edge of my red solo cup, but I usually do not watch football. Which might cause some of you to ask: Why write about something you know little to nothing about.

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February 2, 2015

I am not writing about the game, it was a disappointing loss for the Seahawks fans, but a wonderful victory for those other guys (just kidding).

I am writing about life. I have experienced 46 years of life, and this game really drove it home for me. Let me explain.

None of us know the future, and if you do. please leave in the comments next weeks lottery numbers. We approach each event in our lives with optimism. We run out onto our field full of enthusiasm and strength. We know we have a lot at stake, but we are ready for the challenge.

February 2, 2015,
As a competitor in our own struggles, we go back and forth, sometimes we are in control, sometimes we need to take back control. Sometimes we make that lucky catch, which garners us the hero.

Whatever the circumstance that surrounds our own personal struggles, we must remember, we will not always win.

I will say it looked promising for the Seahawks, they were only behind by four points, and then they made a decision to throw the ball, instead of running the ball, something I think will haunt Russell Wilson till next season.

You see there was just one decision at the end of the game, which cost the victory for Seattle. Right there at the very end: Run or pass. Not every time can we make the right decision either. When we are about to wrap things up, and call it a day, we need to decide: Run or pass.

Now who is to say that having someone run the ball would have been a better decision? Nobody, because we don't know the future. So we have to go with the play we think is best, and sometimes we don't make the touchdown.

What comes next will show your maturity or immaturity. My friend and wife's cousin said this after the game. "Looking at the reality, we made it to the Superbowl again, and (The Seahawks) gave a superb effort..." There is always next year.

If you stand up, dust yourself off and admit that you gave it a superb effort: You will be back. This was a great game: On the edge of your seat, emotional and screaming at the TV game. There will be more.

So if you have just made it to the one yard line, and you don't know if you should run or pass. Trust your instincts, close your eyes and make the play: If all else fails, you can try again.

 February 2, 2015,

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