Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lets get started

Don't Whine. The first thing that I need to remember is don't whine. People don't want to hear you whine about your life, so for all that is good for humanity... DON'T WHINE!



How do I convey my story without a little whining? Easy - I just DON'T WHINE!

So this is a story about me, my life, and the mistakes I have made - as well as the mistakes I have witnessed. It is said that the road to success is littered with failure, and well if that is true, I must be in for a lot of success. Why? the road behind me is strewn with failures and mistakes.

OK, so where to begin? I guess I would like to convey some stories I have gathered from where I work. I work doing Customer Service Tech Support for a well know American manufacturer of Cell Phones and Computers. If that is not enough of a clue, they are located just south of San Francisco, and Ashton Kutcher played the founder. Now I technically do not work for that company, but for a sub contractor for that company, and I am very disatisfied with my job.

(Don't Whine.)

The best thing about working for this company is the level of ignorance some of these people have when it comes to their devices: These issues do make for some pretty great stories. Now not all the stories that I will talk about came directly to me, but some of them do.

Slide to Unlock!

An Advisor I knew received a call from a customer, the customer has just purchased his new cell phone, and the phone was set up at the store from where he purchased it. However, he was convinced it was broken, and was demanding a new phone. The Advisor asked him what was wrong, and he said, "It does not unlock, when I slide it."

My friend asked him to try to slide to unlock, and she heard - Shhhhhhh bump. The man said, "See it didn't unlock,"

She asked him to do it again. Once again she heard shhhhhh bump. She asked the man, "What are you doing?"

The man replied, "I am sliding my phone across the table to unlock it, when it hits the wall, it still will not unlock the phone. This phone is defective, I want another phone."

She replied, "Don't slide the phone, just place your finger on the screen and slide you finger across the screen."

The man did as the advisor said, and realizing his error, in embarrassment: He hung up the phone.

These are the types of calls received every day where I work. People automatically assume their phones do not work, because they don't quite understand how they work. Now I know that because we are the experts, we need to educate the people, but some people just get so upset when we say, "There is nothing wrong with your phone."

Broken WiFi

A man called up and was upset his WiFi was not working. The Advisor went thru all the troubleshooting of the device, which showed the WiFi was working perfectly. The man did admit that the WiFi was working in his house, but when he got in his car to leave: The WiFi would just quit.

She asked, "You mean when you leave your home, your phone is not connected to the WiFi any longer?"

He started berating her, asking if she had not been listening, and repeated what he had said earlier, demanding his phone be replaced.

She tried to explain that the WiFi would not follow him in the car, that is why they have cellular data, but he was not going to hear it. He said that his WiFi had never worked that way in the past, and his new phone was defective; he called her some names and hung up the phone.

So the next time you call into technical service for any reason, remember the person you are talking to might know something more than you do.