Thursday, February 26, 2015

Go Tell it on the Mountain

The title of this installment should conjure up Christmas, “Go Tell it on the Mountain.” The song refers to spreading the Good News, and that is what we need to do as well.

I was riding my bike to work this morning, and I came up on where an animated electronic billboard use to be. The old billboard would light up the night with advertisements. But the electronic board is now gone. 

What was put in it’s place is a regular billboard. I rode past the billboard, and I looked up, the lights were not illuminating the board, but there was advertisements on the board. It was for a 24 hour mini mart at the next exit. How many people missed the opportunity to go to the mini mart, and how much business did that mini mart loose.

When you don’t advertise your blog, you have a billboard without lights. You might have the best information on the web, but people aren't going to just stumble upon your sight by happenstance. Now you might get one or two visitors, but people are not going to be knocking down your door.

What can you do to get more visitors?

There are many ways to get more visitors, some of the ways to get visitors is to use “Key Words” These are SEO or Search Engine Optimized words that people are searching for. The only issue is, the words have to be something about what is in your article. I should not put in “The Oscars” in my key words to drive people to my site, especially if I did not even mention “The Oscars.” Use Key words in your writing, so you can use key words in your optimizing as well

Another way is to actually pay for advertising, Google will charge you to put your Blog on google ads. I have never really gone this route, but that is because I cannot pay for advertising; One of these days I might try it out, but not for right now.

Log onto forums, and read other people’s blogs. 

We will be getting more into this tomorrow, however, there are sites dedicated to advertising your blog. Put yourself out there; you might not get that many viewers, but the ones you get will be there for your content.This is the best way in my estimation, because it does not cost anything, yet it builds community.

The whole thing here is don’t be an un-lit billboard, you have something important to say, so say it; not just say, but “Go Tell it on the Mountain.”

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