Monday, February 16, 2015


Who I am away from my house if different than the person I am in the public eye: Is there a reason for this disparity? Why, when I am at home I am a different person; much more unpleasant, then when I am at work?

Striving to be a freelance writer, and keeping this blog up, I am told that I must sometimes just open a vain and start writing. Well today I am bleeding all over the page.

Until I am a fulltime Freelance Writer, I must endure five days a week at my “Brick and Mortar.” However, when I am at my job, I am pleasant, talkative, a real entertainer. I don’t get aggravated by the people around me, I am not short tempered and nobody looks at me and makes comments like: “You're grumpy,” or “don't be so mean.”

The mask that I wear to work and the people that see me at work see a different side of me. My family sees someone else. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a monster by any means, but I am more vocal about what displeases me.

I suppose I have to have some stiffness to my personality at home, because I have teenagers, I have responsibilities and I have demands on my time and money. Things I don’t have at work – and the demands that I have at work are on a call by call basis – literally.

So what am I saying? We all have masks that we wear. I wear a mask when I am at work, my wife wears a mask when she is at work and my teenagers wear a mask when they are around other people. We really don’t want anyone to see the real us. But why does the not so nice us have to be the “real” us and the “pretend” us is the nicer more pleasant version of us?

I know that February is not the time to do a Resolution for the New Year, but here I go. I need to be the person people see me outside of the house. I need to make the “mask” my real face, and ditch my home persona. I need the people in my home life to experience the work me, and make that the person I actually am.

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