Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What to write

I will admit - I did not have any idea of what I want to write. I have started so many topics this week, and then went over them and thought; now that is never going to work.

I did not want to write of excellence and then two posts later give my readers, my audience something that was garbage. So I hit the delete key, and started over.

Lying in my bed last night, before going to sleep, I had idea after idea. This morning those ideas were not even worth putting to paper.

Am I now to be concerned that I cannot come up with any more ideas for blog posts? Should I just throw it in, and feel that I have emptied the chamber of all its bullets? No.

Even in my stagnancy, there is something to be learned.

Sometimes you have to dig deeper, just to survive. Look at the story of Eric Liddell’s performance in the 1924 Olympics. He tripped over a fellow competitor and got up. Now he could have seen the 30 yards that he was now behind to be a problem, he could have quit and said, “I’ll race another day.”

Eric Liddell started running, and taking the outside track, so no one could see him coming, he passed every runner on the track to win the 400 meter – which indecently was not his race, but he held the European record for 12 years.

My point, sometimes you need to dig deep, you need to say, “I will write, even if I don’t have anything to write about.” You need to just do it.

I write not only for me, but for my friends and my audience. If I do not write, if I do not post, I let my friends down, I let my audience down, I let myself down and I let my God down, because he is the one who allows me to write.

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