Monday, March 16, 2015

Finding your path

A Priest, a Baptist Minister and a Rabbi were out in a boat fishing. The Priest looks at the Minister and asked, “Did you get the worms?” The Minister laughs out of embarrassment, and says “No, I forgot them on shore.” The Priest says, "No problem," and he gets out of the boat and walks to shore, picks up the worms and walks back, gets in the boat and puts a worm on the hook.

A little while later the Minister asks the Priest, “Do you remember the cheese for the bait?” The Priest laughs out of embarrassment and says, “No, I forgot them on shore.” The Minister says, "No problem," gets out of the boat and walks to shore, picks up the cheese, and brings it back to the boat.

The Rabbi is astonished, so he said, “I left some soda on the shore, let me go and get those for you,” so he gets out of the boat, and sinks. The Priest looks at the minister and says, “Think we should show him where the rocks are?”

Do you know where the rocks are?

No matter if you are writing for cathartic reasons, because you feel the desire to write or because you are in school and it is a necessity. You need to know where the rocks.

I like to read a lot of blogs, I read for content, but I also read for technique - what I mean is I see how others format their blogs. What is readable, what do they do that creates more traffic: Since they know where the rocks are, I let them show them to me.

If you are looking to start a blog, or maybe your blog is not working out the way you want it to, start looking around, see what other successful bloggers are doing and emulate them. Don't necessarily copy their content, just take a look at how they put their blog together. 

If you are a successful blogger, give helpful advise, because I guarantee, you needed advice when you started. This is a great community, and we all have valuable information to share, so find out where the rocks are, so you don't sink.

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  1. Another good post that started with a cute joke as the "hook"!
    I don't have a widely read blog, this years' average is about 126 page views per post. I have some great loyal readers that read and comment on each one...I'm mainly just a storyteller, capturing those stories I tell at parties and among friends and putting them to 'paper'. I just do it for fun...