Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kick off the training wheels

Last night my oldest son, his wife and his father-in-law, met us for a Garth Brooks concert. This is Garth Brooks' World tour, and let me tell you it was amazing. I have only gone to a handful of concerts in my life, and all I can say about this concert was WOW: we really enjoyed ourselves.

Garth Brooks played a song “People Loving People” off of his Man Against Machine album released 2014. I enjoyed the song, but it got me thinking. How am I facilitating “People Loving People?”

Short Answer: I’m not.

On my first blog, I said I was writing about myself, and I even made a nerd joke by naming my blog “Captain’s Log,” because my last name is similar to the last name of Patrick Stewart’s character in Star Trek the Next Generation. But that morphed into what I have now.

I am writing blogs about writing blogs, which is still very important. But this is the question in my mind: Is what I am writing creating a better place? 

Am I really creating a difference or am I just another voice in the wind?  Please don't misunderstand – encouraging people to write correctly and share their voice with the world is very important.

So today, I am kicking off my training wheels. Today starts a new chapter in my blogging life: I must move on.

So there are two things I am going to be doing:

First, I am going to start making my blog matter. I need to write engaging articles for my readers, but also to make a difference. If I can make a difference in just one person's life, than I have succeeded as a writer.

Second, I started a WordPress Account, and I am going to start writing short stories for now, and maybe that will culminate into something bigger. This is just so I can get my creative juices flowing again.

This ride is far from over, and this came to me this morning while the house was quiet and everyone was sleeping.

I do want to apologize at the very onset, if I get a little too preachy, I am sorry. I am not a preacher, and if I come across that way, please let me know.

As always I am grateful for all of my readers: Happy writing.

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