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Monday, March 2, 2015

End douchebaggery - A rant

OK, first this article might offend some people, and if you are offended by words, like the one in the title, please do not read on - I do not wish to offend anyone. Second, I was told not to rant so much, because people don’t like to read rants; I was also told not to smoke - I didn't listen to that either. Right or wrong, here I go.

I was reading a post from a new blogger, she was saying that she was ready to quit, and wanted to know what people thought of her decision. I wrote to her, and gave her some ideas; I was being positive with her. She was fragile, and she thanked me.

Then not two hours later, this douchebag gets on her post and says, (and I paraphrase) “You think you can just sit down and start a blog, real bloggers…” WTF dude! She needs encouragement, she needs to grow. You weren't born to be a blogger, you were not born with a keyboard in your hand (if you were, I am sorry for your mother), and you had to start somewhere. Who was your inspiration, who taught you the ropes and who gave you encouragement?

I like people who are positive, and helpful. People that lend a helping hand - ones that don’t forget from where they came.

In my “Brick and Mortar” I called a customer back for a co-worker. I was pre-warned that this customer was difficult, but difficulty was not what I experienced

After my greeting, the customer lit into me and started swearing and using fowler language than I heard in my twelve years in the Navy.

After he was done, he said, “I would never speak that way to a woman, but you are a man, and I will speak that way, because I am a man.”

No, dude, you are a douchebag.

Being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, being a Gentleman is a matter of choice and effort. There are a lot of men out there, but to change from being a man to a Gentleman takes effort on the part of the subject. 

Being merely a man, beating your chest, dragging your mate by her hair to your cave and chasing off beasts with your club: You are dangerously close to being a douchebag.

My point is, we need to be nice to each; for instance, I was connecting to a blogger named Matt Banner from, this is an awesome guy, and I really liked his blog. He then sent me a message saying “Thanks for the +1.” Wow, that was really nice! and then I thought how many times did someone +1 me, and did I thank them? To be honest, I never have done that. 

So apparently I need to update my Gentlemanliness and decrease my Douchebaggery: So, here's to change.


  1. Well said Thomas..
    I was going to say that sometimes people do forget their manners online, but maybe thats not true after all ..there are those who are fluent in "douchebagness" both online and brick&mortar world!..

    So here's my +1 to you for standing out for the rest..

  2. Thomas, I really don't consider that a rant my friend...but a clear statement of fact! Just found your blog but I'll be stopping back!

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  4. This post is awesome Thomas! That guy who offered nothing helpful is definitely a douchebag.

  5. I agree with you! The best thing about my blog is meeting new, encouraging people. Negative comments are so unnecessary! I never understand why people even take the time to write negative comments which will make people doubt their being on the internet.